skip to Main Content We want to make our innovation available to everyone; we are promoting the creation of a complete system of the circular economy of rubber, for which we are building a collaboration with the European Union, main manufacturers of household appliances of global importance and with Confindustria and technology institutes.

Manuel Oldrati, CEO Oldrati Group

Ogreen for Circular Economy

The Oldrati Group recognizes the extreme importance of safeguarding and protecting the environment as an essential condition for the company to coexist in the social context. Identify measures to protect the environment, reduce CO2 emissions and limit the exploitation of natural resources are the objectives that the Group has set itself.

With Ogreen, Oldrati invests resources and processes aimed at structuring a circular economy of rubber and improving the life cycle evaluation of products, from design, to production, to consumption, up to end-of-life destination. By minimizing the use of raw materials, we want to focus not only on the prevention of negative environmental externalities but also on the realization of new value by giving rubber a second life.

Through our efforts, we are confident that we can play a significant role in the upcoming energy transition by developing and new technologies in light of changing market conditions and climate change.


Towards a Green Europe

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, Europe showed the way for a new growth strategy that will transform the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. The European Green Deal is our plan to  buy prednisolone eye drops online make the EU’s economy sustainable by setting challenging targets, such as:

  • 55% recycling of municipal waste by 2025 (60% by 2030, 65% by 2035)
  • By 2030, 65% of packaging will have to be recycled
  • By 2035 at most 10% of waste in landfills

The European Green Deal is our plan to  buy cytotec oral make the EU’s economy sustainable. As major part of the operations are set in EU, Oldrati effectively undertakes on this topic and takes up these targets by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities. This approach helps to drive forward not just environmental, but also economic and social progress.

Many natural resources are finite and need to be used in a smarter, more sustainable way. Oldrati strive to”close the loop” of product lifecycles and puts great emphasis on finding new, innovative means to move away from a ‘take-make-dispose’ culture by re-using materials for longer.

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