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For over half a century, we have been pioneers in the development of polymers and technology applied to technical articles in a wide variety of industries.
Today we think, develop and provide sustainable and environment friendly solutions.

buy cenforce without prescription Ogreen arise from a long research process, started by the company in the 1980s. To get to Ogreen sustainable rubber, it took about twenty years of research and testing on materials, and ten years of industrialization of the production process which today is able to provide a material that is comparable and comparable to virgin raw material, in terms of quality and performance.  buy antabuse tablets Ogreen is the result of long-standing experience in the production of compounds and  technical articles, of expertise on rubber types, coupled with eco-sustainable culture handed down through generations.

  • 1980’s

    West Coon Rapids

    Rubber powder introduction was the first step toward sustainability. The idea of ​​regenerating elastomeric materials had already been in the mind of the president and founder Vann iOldrati by introducing micronized rubber in elastomeric compounds. In other terms, end-of-life rubber was simply deployed in other applications, extending its lifetime and avoiding landfill disposal but no process of rubber regeneration was in place.

  • 2000’s

    At the beginning of the century, in Oldrati was born the idea to develop a sustainable compound with optimal performances for technical articles production. Oldrati R&D department conducted tests on reused rubber with the target to improve quality of the materials as long as refining formulations and technical requirements.

  • 2010’s

    Oldrati Ogreen industrialization phase started through the definition of technical solutions, with a great effort of engineering and customization of the process. Extensive capabilities and investments covering a wide spectrum of processing techniques was put in place in order to build an in-house integrated system of selection, regeneration and production of technical articles.

  • 2020

    Today we have refined the entire Ogreen production process; compounds are studied and tailored in our factories following the specifications for the required application. Customers can rely on single supplier with the industrial capabilities to control and manage all the phases to shape Ogreen rubber compound into a final product.

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